** SEMS SCREWS in Inch Sizes **

Inch SEMS machine screws come in Phillips and slotted pan head. Internal tooth or external tooth lock washer, square cone or helical split lock washer SEMS machine screws. They come in both steel and stainless steel. Hard to find items our specialty. Fast delivery.

SEMS Machine Screws - Pan Head, Double SEMS SEMS Machine Screws - Pan Head, External Tooth Pan Head Square Cone SEMS Machine Screw Pan Head Internal Tooth SEMS Machine Screw SEMS Machine Screws - Pan Head Helical Split

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In the Inch size we have the traditional Phillips Drive and Pan Head, as well as the Torx Drive, Pan Head SEMS screws. We have both drive systems in steel with Zinc Clear Plating that is RoHS Compliant and we also have the Zinc Yellow Plating that is RoHS Compliant. We also have steel SEMS with Black Oxide and Wax that is RoHS Compliant. In stainless steel we have the plain finish which is passivated to remove any impurities as well as with Black Oxide and Wax after passivation which is RoHS Compliant.

Inch SEMS Washers and Their Attributes

We have SEMS screws with a single Flat Washer and we have them with a double washer which consists of a Split Lock Washer and a Flat Washer. The washers are steel and are plated same as the screw when the screw is steel. However, when the screw is stainless steel, the toothed lock washers are 410 stainless steel to maintain hardness at the washer points. Besides the single flat washer SEMS and the double washer SEMS, we have the single Split Lock Washer SEMS, the single External Tooth Lock Washers SEMS, the single Internal Tooth Lock Washer SEMS and the single Square Cone Lock Washer SEMS. Split Lock Washer SEMS are preferred when the SEMS are used with hardened bearing surfaces since the toothed washers can not dig into the surface. The External Lock Washer SEMS is preferred over the Internal Tooth Lock Washer as the teeth provide greater torsional resistance being that they have a larger radius. The Internal SEMS is preferred in some applications because the teeth are hidden when installed and therefore provides a better appearance and these washers prevent snagging which is common with the External Tooth Lock Washer. The Square Cone SEMS provides a higher retained clamp load and improved compensation for thermal cycling and vibration. They can accept a high clamp load and still maintain their spring action. The washer design makes for better control during installation and provides better tool bit life. They are ideal for clamping fragile materials and for spanning large clearance holes.

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